New CVNX Markets Update

Dear Crypviser Community & Followers

We are excited to share with you the latest news of opening CVNX markets and more.

CVNX listing on Uniswap and SushiSwap DEX

The CVNX token will be added to Uniswap V.3 and SushiSwap decentralized exchanges, and become available for trading on 14th December 2021

The first liquidity pool will be created for CVNX/USDT pair.
CVNX holders can earn fees by providing liquidity to the pools on Uniswap/SushiSwap DEX or easily swap CVNX tokens to USDT.

Detailed user guides on how to become a liquidity provider for CVNX and trade on Uniswap/SushiSwap will be given in the listing announcement.

CVNX Markets on HitBTC

We are happy to confirm that the technical integration of CVNX token on the HitBTC exchange has been completed. We are waiting for the specific dates of performing the swap and opening new market pairs CVNX/BTC, CVNX/ETH, and CVNX/USD to be announced by HitBTC officials estimably next week (December 13–20, 2021)

CVNX Swap on Huobi Global

We are currently in the final stages of technical integration for the CVCOIN tokens swap to CVNX and opening new markets on the Huobi Global Exchange.
The specific date of starting trading CVNX on Huobi Global Exchange will be announced upon completion of technical works and other swap-related procedures, estimated in January 2022.
We are working closely with Huobi team and will keep you updated on the progress in future updates.

CVNX Token Supply & Locking Schedule

Although the maximum supply of CVNX tokens has been increased, the initial supply and circulation will be limited up to 25–30 Mln. as follows:

Distribution In 2021–2022

- 15.000.000 allocation for CVCOIN ERC20/CVCOIN BTS swap
- 10.000.000 allocation to the liquidity and staking pools
- 5.000.000 locked for CVT(Crypviser Token) swap pool on HECO and backed by CVSWAP Protocol. (More information about CVSWAP is available in the blog article Crypviser migrates to Huobi ECO Chain)
- 5.000.000 will be issued in 2022 to support the Crypviser 2.0 Smart Platform technical development and marketing campaigns.

Locking Schedule

- 5.000.000 will be locked and allocated for distribution after launching
Crypviser 2.0 Smart Platform and completion of all milestones according to the development plan for maintenance purposes, estimated by end of 2022

- 20.000.000 tokens in the reserve pool can be issued by approval through governance voting only. It means CVNX holders will be offered to vote for a proposal of issuing new tokens in case of necessity.

Therefore, the maximum supply of CVNX tokens is limited by a maximum of 35 Mln. till the end of 2022 and up to 40 Mln. in 2023.

The reserve pool of 20 Mln. will be locked indefinitely and can be issued in emergency cases and on approval of CVNX holders only.

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