The CVN transformation plan was announced in early 2021 to simplify Crypviser tokenomic model, migrate to Huobi ECO Chain from Bitshares platform, and introduce new DeFi and NFT features in the Crypviser 2.0 Smart Platform. The CVN transformation plan includes the issuance of a new CVNX governance token and the swap of existing CVN ERC20 and CVN BTS tokens to CVNX.

The main purpose of the CVN Transformation Plan is to meeting market innovations and opening new opportunities, by setting the trend for the crypto industry in the years to come. This year we are laying new stones in the Crypviser solid foundation for successful growth and prosperity in the coming year!
We should admit that trends and developments in the technology world, particularly in the crypto blockchain industry, are changing lightning fast. Every year is different and we all need to change with it.

More details about the CVN Transformation Plan is available in the Crypviser Blog at