For swapping your CVCOIN ERC-20 tokens to CVNX from a cold Ethereum wallet , please make sure that:


1. You are holding CVCOIN ERC-20 utility tokens on the Ethereum Mainnet with the smart contract address:  0x62aaf435273bc4baa78dcebd6590042d7e58ba6f

2. You are holding CVCOIN ERC-20 tokens in Ethereum compatible ERC20 wallet (such as MetaMask, TrustWallet, MEW, ConnectWallet), which allows the receipt, storage and transfer of CVNX ERC-20 Tokens.

3. The minimum amount of CVCOIN ERC-20 that you can swap is 1 token. The maximum amount is not limited. 

Starting the Swap

4. Launch the CVNX dApp at in your internet browser (Google Chrome is recommended). 

5. Choose to swap CVN ERC-20 and connect your ERC-20 wallet supported by browser (e.g. MetaMask) or via WalletConnect.

6. Follow the guides in the CVNX dApp and in your ERC-20 wallet to process with the swap. 

7. Read and accept the Terms & Conditions to complete the swap. CVCOIN-ERC20 Tokens will be automatically swapped  through a smart contract on a one to one (1:1) basis to CVNX.

8. You agree to bear the "gas fee" cost of the swap transaction in the Ethereum blockchain at your expenses. The cost of Ethereum "gas fee" is defined by miners and out of the Company control.

9. After successfully proceeding the swap, you will receive the same amount of CVNX to the connected wallet address.  The transaction speed solely depends on the Ethereum blockchain performance and might take up to 1(one) hour. 

10. In order to see the balance of CVNX token in your wallet, you should add a custom token by using the following smart contract details:

Token name: CVNX

Token contract: 0xA1a4E303e9C56962F201C5e834abC1E677A3C4F3

Decimals: 18

NOTE: In many wallets, such as MetaMask, TrustWallet, you can specify the token address only. The rest fields will be auto filled automatically.