Dear CVN BTS/CVT Holders

For faster processing your CVN BTS swap requests, please follow the below rules: 

1. Due to the high cost of Ethereum ERC20 transaction, please submit the swap requests of the full amount CVN BTS you are holding, instead of small test amounts. 

2. If you already sent a small test amount, please resubmit your request with the full amount for faster processing. 

ATTENTION: Swap requests for less than 100 CVN BTS/CVT will be put on hold and processed in depend on the Ethereum gas fee cost. 
When you hold in total a small amount, less than 100 CVN BTS/CVT, please open a support ticket and notice about it for faster processing! 
Please be aware, we respect all CVN holders despite the amount!

3. Do not forget to send you CVN BTS/CVT to the swap gateways address cvnbts-swap (for CVN BTS) or cvt-cvnx (for CVT) accordingly.

4. The requests from holders in the Crypviser Black list won't be processed according to the Swap terms & conditions.